Casa Payer


Soft shapes, round edges, uneven cocciopesto plastered stone walls, coloured earths, love and imagination.
The in-wall heating system gives our home a pleasant warmth throughout. Wood, stone and chalk together create an alchemy circle and mutate over time, just like nature.
New, old and ageing are combined in a simple symphony of the eras .
Our stone farmhouse is situated in a glade not far from where the Chiamogna stream flows: a secluded corner in the Pellice Valley where the hills have been reconquered by natural vegetation and teem with fauna and wildlife.
Our choice was to renovate maintaining the original features of local farmhouses, following the ethics of bio-construction, using minimal cement, taking inspiration from the houses of India,which are made of raw-earth. Our wish was to create a simple but cosy home in a magical and welcoming place.
Chestnut wood, cocciopesto from Piasco, solar heating, vegetal insulation, rainwater collection and vegetable based detergents all help us to lighten our impact on the surrounding environment.

We provide 3 large independent rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, kitchen area and terrace.
A spacious hayloft overlooking our garden is available for reading, listening to music or small group activities.

We offer plentiful sweet and savoury vegetarian/ vegan breakfasts: sourdough bread and pizza baked in our own wood burning oven, cakes and biscuits, freshly picked fruit, organic fruit juices, tisanes and jams are all homemade with ingredients sourced locally or from our garden produce. Our coffees and teas are fair-trade certified. All soaps and detergents are organic/vegan ok.


Starting from € 62 / day


Starting from € 62 / day


Starting from € 62 / day