Casa Payer


Sourdough is a living ingredient, complex, wild but socializing. Sourdough bread is long-lasting and easy to digest. On Saturdays you can make sourdough bread and pizza with us in our wood fired oven. The wood we use in the oven comes from our trees and the sourdough has Andalusian and […]

doing nothing

Take some downtime, leave behind your habits and routines and change point of view, surprise yourselves and step into uncharted territories… Getting into a state of “not doing” can be both clarifying and liberating, the serenity and inspiration it can bring is positively destabilising and definitely worth the effort….and it’s […]


Casa Payer is situated on one of a series of bike tracks which wind through the woods and connect with the rest of the area. The main centres of the lower valley, public transport and sports centres are between 2 and 5 kilometres away. We can find you kayak instructors, […]