Casa Payer

doing nothing

Take some downtime, leave behind your habits and routines and change point of view, surprise yourselves and step into uncharted territories…
Getting into a state of “not doing” can be both clarifying and liberating, the serenity and inspiration it can bring is positively destabilising and definitely worth the effort….and it’s free.
Try to walk barefoot, make stick bundles in the woods, knead dough, enjoy the sunrise in silence, listen to the sound of the running stream with your feet in the water, pick wild berries and cherries and absorb the fragrances of aromatic herbs.
Make peace with nature, think vegan for a moment, stop judging and accept what you are, enjoy the weather as it is, spot a wild animal in the bushes, read Castaneda, explore the woods at night time, rest on the hammocks, connect with the ancestral energy of the stone, wander without direction, stargaze and empty your mind.