Casa Payer

Things to do

Thanks to our location among the hills, at Casa Payer there are walks for everybody to discover the mountains of the upper Pellice Valley, the important sites of Waldesian history and the nearby valleys Po, Chisone and Queyras.
At only a few minutes’ walk the “Urania Observatory” in Colletto hamlet holds courses and visits for stargazers.
Casa Payer is situated on one of a series of bike tracks which wind through the woods and connect with the rest of the area.
The main centres of the lower valley, public transport and sports centres are between 2 and 5 kilometres away.
We can find you kayak instructors, guides and also arrange hand-weaving classes. Have you got a bow? A field among the chestnuts awaits all archers.
On Saturdays we make bread. You can help us make sourdough bread and pizza and cook it in the wood fired oven.
There are many places to be explored alone or in company: the herb garden, the courtyard, the field, the hammocks in the birch wood, the footpath by the stream, the covered terrace, the hayloft. This is a place where you can reconnect with nature, yourselves and experience the easy simplicity of the rhythm and flow of the seasons.