Casa Payer


Casa Payer is made of Woods: the trees, the stone and the clay soil of the surrounding land.

We renovated it honouring the original building techniques, observing green-building criteria and with the desire to inhabit this ancient place that vibrates with the ancestral energy of the stone and the harmony of the wood. 

Chestnut trees make up the beams while the walls and the roof are of stone. The natural limestone plaster regulates humidity levels and allows the rooms to breathe. Water used for washing and the wall heating system is heated by the warmth of the sun and using firewood originating from the woods.

Wood fibreboard insulates the roof, floors and ceilings. Paints are composed of mineral pigments, oils and plant resins. Rainwater is harvested from the large roof to water the garden and vegetable garden. In this way we stay connected to nature and are easy on the environment. Small creatures from the woods find refuge in the nooks and crannies of the house and walls.