The forest garden

These secluded mountain lands, reclaimed from the spontaneous vegetation, abound with wildlife: a hollow of biodiversity.

We have reinhabited this ancient dwelling place and borrowed a part of the woods for our own use while respecting its wild dignity. The spaces bordering the woods and our presence have become a Wood Garden. Cultivated ornamental plants, fruit trees and herbs co-exist with the wild ones: a contamination of wild and domestic, areas of overlap, experiments in permaculture.

The container vegetable garden rises out of a long strip of ground supported by an old dry dyke that overlooks the woods to the east. After a series of experiments of synergistic agriculture, we decided that the container garden solution was the most agreeable one to us. You can see the vegetable garden from the solarium balcony or walk into it just as any garden.

Interaction with the woods is magical and alchemical: a narrative of forms of life and elements that coexist in synergy.

Explore it with curiosity and respect through an experience of sustainable tourism.

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